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Avnery, Uri - Middle East Human Rights - 10.06.01
Feb 27th, 2018 by progressiveradionetwork at 12:03 pm

Peace activism, human rights in the Middle East; recent events in Gaza,

Uri Avnery is perhaps Israel’s most prominent and vocal peace activist, outspoken critic of Israel’s militarism and treatment of Palestinians, as well as a poet and author. He is the founder of Gush Shalom peace movement . In the late 1930s, Uri was a member of the Zionist paramilitary group, Irgun, later departing the militant organization out of disgust towards their tactics. He was owner of the Israeli news magazine Ha-Olam Ha-Zeh until it folded in 1993, and was a member of Knesset from 1965 to 1981. He was a founding member of the Israeli Council for Israel-Palestinian Peace. Discussing issues in the Middle East.

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