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Galtung, Johan - Foreign Policy Global Economy - 10.08.16
Feb 27th, 2018 by progressiveradionetwork at 9:41 am

“The Fall of the US Empire, and Then What?” The changing dynamics of global political and economic power. Where will America find herself in this new world order?

Prof. Johan Galtung is a Norwegian mathematician & sociologist who may be considered the father of the discipline of international peace & conflict resolution studies. He has probably taught sociology to more students in more countries & on more campuses than anyone other sociologist in the world, including Princeton, Columbia, the UN University in Geneva & many others. In 1993, Prof. Galtung founded the education & research organization Transcend: A Peace, Development and Environment Network, specializing in peaceful conflict resolution theory & practice. He holds 7 honorary doctorates and has written over 1000 articles & over 100 books. “The Fall of the US Empire, and Then What?”, continues many of his earlier predictions – such as the collapse of the Soviet Union by 1990. Starting with an earlier prediction made in 2000, Prof. Galtung now theorizes the US empire will fall by 2020, which will lead to two possibilities: either the establish of a neo-fascist state (already begun) or a return to a true US Republic.

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