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Harrison, Robert - Consciousness Nature Gardens - 09.01.13
Feb 26th, 2018 by progressiveradionetwork at 3:17 pm

“Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition” The role of forests & gardens in the human imagination; what they have to tell us about our human condition & western civilization.

Prof Robert Pogue Harrison is the Rosina Pierotti Professor of Italian Literature at Stanford University, with a broad knowledge and insight into world literature. He is also a scholar in literary and cultural criticism, Greek philosophy and phenomenology. Prof. Harrison is the author of a trilogy of widely acclaimed books on western civilization’s and literature’s relationship to the natural world.  They challenge us to reconsider our relationships with our environment and guide us in a discovery into the human condition. "The Dominion of the Dead"; "Forests: The Shadow of Civilization"  "Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition" The role of forests and gardens in the human imagination and what they have to tell us about our human condition and western civilization.

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