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Herren, Hans - Environment Economy Sustainability - 12.01.13
Feb 26th, 2018 by progressiveradionetwork at 2:48 pm

President of the Millennium Institute in Washington DC. A discussion of agroecology as a sustainable solution for future agriculture and the nutritional quality of food; a critique of the new Green Revolution.

Dr. Hans Herren is an internationally respected scientist and the President of the Millennium Institute in Washington DC – a research based think tank that develops strategies for the world to move towards economic equity & environmental sustainability. In the past he has served as the director of the International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology in Nairobi and the Africa Biological Control Center in Benin, Africa. He was responsible for saving the African cassava crop in 1995 which averted Africa’s worst ever food crisis. Dr. Herren received his doctorate from the Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland and holds numerous awards – election to the US National Academy of Science, recipient of the World Food Award, the Tyler Award for Environmental Achievement and the Sir and Lady Rank Prize for Nutrition. Dr. Herren’s current focus is on promoting agroecology as the among the most important means for feeding the world.

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