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Jensen, Derrick - Environment Civilization Survival - 11.08.11
Feb 26th, 2018 by progressiveradionetwork at 2:28 pm

"Endgame" Vol 1 & 2 Our civilization’s pathologies; the role of materialist scientism in the destruction of nature; altering our perceptions of the rest of the world; possibilities for an awakened culture.

Derrick Jensen has become one of the nation’s leading voices of cultural and environmental dissent, who writes on how civilization is devastating the environment and the natural world, and our society’s denial of that fact. In 2008, Utne Reader listed Derrick as one of the 50 visionaries changing the world. His many books have explored the nature of humanity’s postmodern pathology and its roots: the interrelationship between hate and economics, genocide, corporate malfeasance, and the on-going neglect of the environmental crisis that is destroying the planet. In sharp contrast to environmental optimists who believe working within the corportacracy will offset the tenuous planetary balance threatened by climate change, Derrick advocates a “dismantling of civilization” which can include radical dissent as well as imparting wisdom to our children. “Dreams” is a thorough critique against the fundamentalist Christian legalist morality and materialist scientism that define western civilization and reinforce its disregard and violence against nature.

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